What are you putting on your bubba’s bottom?

When I left the hospital after having my first son I was given a bag of product samples. Awesome! I love a goodie bag just as much as the next person. And as the crazy days of life with a newborn unfolded, shopping was forgotten and toiletries started to diminish so I started to delve […]

Why Hemp Is The New Superfood

What foods spring to mind when you hear the word “Superfood”? Chia seeds? Goji berries? Maybe something green, like Broccoli? Yes, they’re definitely healthy, but what is it about them that makes them “super”? I checked the Macquarie Dictionary to see what it had to say and discovered that a superfood is “a food with […]

What’s the Difference between Argan & Rosehip oils?

What’s the Difference between Argan & Rosehip oils? Two products that we often get asked about are our Rosehip & Argan oils.   Argan Oil Lariese purely organic 100% pure Argan oil, is harvested in Morocco from the Argan tree. Although Argan oil has only gained popularity over the last few years in Australia, it has actually […]

Thousands of ‘organic’ beauty products found to contain banned chemicals

As your body’s biggest organ, your skin is covered with thousands of pores, all of which should be thought of as entry points to your body. When you consider the fact that your skin is like a sponge that absorbs everything you put on it, you will quickly realize that being cognizant of everything you […]

Chris Pine Swears By Argan Oil

nside Giorgio Armani’s Rodeo Drive offices, Chris Pine is finishing a photo shoot for the brand’s new Armani Code cologne, which hits counters in February. After wrapping the dark and romantic campaign, Pine emerges from the photo studio and saunters toward me on the balcony. “I just ate a ton of pasta,” Pine says with […]

More lawsuits against Monsanto stemming from cancer causing ingredients in its agriculture products

The makings of what could become the first successful class-action lawsuit against the world’s most evil corporation are giving a much-needed boost to the movement for clean food. Agri-giant Monsanto will soon face a barrage of lawsuits from a number of law firms over cancer-causing agents in its popular Roundup herbicide, which is reportedly making […]