Hemp Protein Powder 500gm – Certified Food Grade


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Did you know that Lariese Food grade Hemp Protein is not a Super-food?  It is a Whole-food.

Did you also know that Lariese Hemp Protein is very desirable for expectant Mum’s? It has naturally occurring nutrients for the brain and bone development of your baby? And that it contains Folate (Vit B9), essential during pregnancy as well as containing Calcium and Magnesium.  

It contains Vitamin B6 helps regulate blood glucose and is critical to the development of the brain and nervous system of the foetus.

Unlike manufactured Proteins, Lariese Hemp Protein is a ‘stand-alone’ product containing 50% protein content. Our Hemp Protein is unprocessed and free any additives or boosting substances.

Grown and produced in Canada for human consumption. THC Free, GMO Free KOSHER, Vegan friendly.


Lariese is an Australian Certified Organic, USDA, GMO/GE Free and Cruelty Free Company.