Wanna know how to get GLOWING skin naturally?

We think these simple tips do the trick... 

Drink plenty of WATER! 
Sounds like a no brainer but many of us are terrible at incorporating this into our daily routine (guilty!) but it really does make a huge difference to your skin now and for the rest of your life. Your body needs about 2 litres a day to replace the fluid it loses and to keep your skin hydrated. Room temp or warm water is best and caffeine free herbal tea’s count.

CLEANSE your skin regularly (& thoroughly)
Twice a day with a cleanser that's free from harsh chemicals, so you’re not stripping any of your natural oils.

EXFOLIATE your skin once or twice a week.
Using a washcloth when cleansing can provide a regular, gently exfoliation.

Use a Hydrosol Facial mist
After cleansing (and when your skin feels dehydrated) to restore moisture back into your skin.

Moisturise twice a day
With a moisturiser that easily absorbs into the skin

Massage your skin every night with a pure oil serum
Do this before going to bed as your skin does its most healing work when you're sleeping. All those amazing nutrients will be rejuvenating your skin while you're getting the zzz's.

Get plenty of sleep
They don’t just call it beauty sleep for nothing. Going to bed earlier gives your body time to recover and rejuvenate.

Reduce your caffeine intake 
Consuming too much caffeine can dehydrate the skin and decreases the body’s ability to flush out toxins.

Exercise (preferably in the morning)
It helps to increase blood flow to the surface of the skin, which contributes to a healthy-looking glow.

Cut the toxins out of your daily life
From foods to products you’re using on your skin & around your home (take baby steps so it doesn't feel too overwhelming for you).

Eat fresh, wholesome food
Some great skin loving fruits to incorporate into your diet are Avocados for their vitamins, minerals & fatty acids & Citrus fruits for their high Vitamin C content.

If you can incorporate some or all of these changes into your daily life your skin and body will love you for it!

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