Before I tell you about how Lariese organics came to be, I want to tell you a little bit about me and my journey.

I arrived in Australia at 18-years-old from India. Having grown up in India I was fascinated by the Ayurvedic principles that my mum and Nana practiced in their daily lives. They had the most beautiful, soft, glowing skin their whole lives and they used nothing but pure, natural oils on their face and body every single day. I was always in awe of their natural beauty.

But that wasn’t all that fascinated me about them. I came from a family of 10 and if there was an ailment in the family, my Nana could be found concocting a remedy in a copper pot to ease the pain and discomfort. Whether it was Steeped Neem leaves for chicken pox, Aloe vera for stomach aches, baby massage for colic or home-made herbal remedies, the solution was always the same… Nature.

I grew up immersed in Nature with a love of the beauty and healing powers of Mother Nature, an unquestioning respect for our planet and the animals we share it with.

When I first emigrated to Australia I was fascinated by the glitz and glamour within the beauty industry. I started using all the most popular beauty products and submerged myself into my new-found life. But it wasn’t long before I started noticing some very big changes. My health declined, I developed allergies I had never experienced my whole life and members of my family started having the same issues.

After years of living in oblivion I started to search for answers to my health issues when I finally had a lightbulb moment.. ‘Could it be the products I was using ON my skin that was causing my problems externally and internally?’. Well, I was in for a bit of an eye opener. I was shocked to discover all the synthetic ingredients that were being used in all of the personal care products that were available and the potential damage that they could be doing to our bodies. On average women put around 300 chemicals a day directly onto our body’s largest organ, our skin! With around 60% of what we put into our body’s ending up in our blood stream I knew I had to make a change for myself and my family.

At a time when synthetic products were all the rage I started to eliminate all of the potentially toxic products from our home and started replacing them with natural solutions. I knew then that I wanted to go back to my roots and started concocting my own home remedies from my family kitchen. Nearly 20 years of research went into the properties and benefits of purely plant-based ingredients and how I could develop a range of personal care products that was good for us, the planet, didn’t harm animals and delivered results.

Seeing how much toxin-free products contributed to our family’s overall good health it soon became evident that we weren’t the only ones looking for natural alternatives and it became our mission to share our products with the world. Our happy customer base grew and grew until we outgrew our little kitchen and started manufacturing our products commercially back in 2006.

We always have and always will ensure that our products are created using only natural and organic ingredients with no nasties, free from palm oil and never tested on animals.

Lariese organics is a tribute to my mum and Nana, who taught me that everything we need can be found nature.

 Mother of 3, Grandmother of 10
& lover of Mother Nature



That family values and the natural world are the foundations of beauty and amazing skin


To create exceptional, results focused products made entirely from natural and organic ingredients


To make a difference to our people and planet by bringing beauty to you with products made from the heart of our family and Mother Nature herself

Why choose Lariese organics?

• Australian made & owned
• Family run business
• ONLY natural & organic
• No nasties
• Plant-based
• Vegan friendly
• Sustainably sourced
• Recyclable packaging
• Palm oil free
• Cruelty free