We are a family owned and run Australian made company with a range of natural and organic personal care products that emerged from our family’s search for natural cures to ongoing allergy problems.

As a family we have always tried to live quite a toxin-free life and it became very frustrating that despite our best efforts to watch what we were putting IN our bodies many family members were still suffering with allergy problems. We thought there must be more to this and it was then that we started investigating what we were putting ON our bodies. Our eyes were suddenly opened to how many harmful, chemical ingredients were in all of the products that were available on shelf and how many we were using in our home!

Nearly 20 years ago we started researching the damage that these synthetic ingredients could do to our bodies and we immediately eliminated all of the toxic products from our homes. We started concentrating our research on the properties and benefits of purely plant-based ingredients and quickly discovered that everything we needed could be found in nature. 

Seeing how much toxin-free skincare contributed to our family’s overall good health it soon became evident that we weren’t the only ones looking for natural alternatives and it became our mission to share our products with the world. Starting off making products from our home kitchen, our happy customer base grew and grew until we outgrew our little kitchen and started manufacturing our products commercially.

It was then in 2006 that Lariese Organics was born.

We always have and always will ensure that our products are created using only natural and organic ingredients with no nasties, free from palm oil and NEVER tested on animals.

We hope you love using our products as much as we love making them for you!

The Lariese team