We are what we… Absorb!

Did you know that if you stand on a clove of garlic (bare feet of course) after 10 minutes your breath will smell of garlic!?  It’s true! And if you don’t believe us, give it a try!  Amazing isn’t it, that garlic can somehow magically enter our body through our feet and travel all the way through our body, up to our mouth.  And not just a minute amount of garlic either. It’s enough that you can smell it on your breathe as if you’ve just devoured a piece of garlic bread. WOW! The human body never ceases to amaze me!

So what that means is, our skin can absorb into our body (almost as efficiently as eating) the properties (both good and bad) of whatever is placed ONTO it. That’s right. Our skin absorbs 60-70% of what we put onto it.

In theory therefore, you could place chocolate on your skin and absorb 60% of its properties into your body (Our recommendation on that however would be to eat the chocolate! Lol).  But it does make you think, why would I place something on my skin that I wouldn’t want absorbed into my body.  We generally think about what we’re putting into our bodies at meal time and wouldn’t eat something if it had harmful chemicals which our body couldn’t break down.  But we don’t think, as much, about what we’re putting onto our skin and what harmful chemicals are being absorbed into the body from the skin care products we use. 

That’s where we, Lariese Organics come in.  As a family we have always tried to live quite a toxin-free life and it became very frustrating that despite our best efforts to watch what we were putting IN our bodies many family members were still suffering with allergy problems. We thought there must be more to this and it was then that we started investigating what we were putting ON our bodies. Our eyes were suddenly opened to how many harmful, chemical ingredients were in all of the products that were available on shelf and how many we were using in our home! 

For over 20 years we’ve been researching the properties and benefits of purely plant-based ingredients and we’ve found that everything we need can be found in nature.  We’ve sourced the best ingredients from around the world and created organic and natural skin care products that are great for our bodies, inside and out.  We will continue to evolve our products with Mother Nature’s best kept secrets and bring to our customers, products that your skin will love and your body will love you for.

Love yourself!

From the Team at Lariese Organics